Booking Treatments and Prices

Any treatment always starts with a full consultation.  Both massage and reflexology can help with a range of issues and depending on your particular needs we can decide what’s going to be best.  As the client you are in control of how many sessions you want and how we spend the time.  You may want a course of treatments to help you manage a long standing issue or you might just want a one off appointment as a treat.

 I have a special interest in Women’s Health and have helped clients manage a range of issues, from musculo-skeletal issues (postural, post childbirth or injury recovery) or issues relating to stress, hormones, conception, chronic pain and treatment for cancer.  I can help you match the treatment that suits your needs.

Each session includes after care advice and how to manage self-care between treatments.

Prices and Booking

When you make an enquiry I will email you a consultation form for you to complete and return.  It asks for your details and needs for the session and provides information on the current COVID guidelines that I am working to.  It will help answer any queries you may have about what to expect from your visit.  If you are unable to complete a form or if it’s easier we can have a telephone consultation prior to your visit.

I recommend booking an hours appointment for your first treatment. As well as hour long appointments I offer 45 minute treatments for reflexology and back neck and shoulder massage.  A traditional reflexology routine can be given in a 45 minute session – however many clients prefer to book in for an hours reflexology appointment which incorporates more foot massage, ankle mobilisations and lower leg massage if required.  This is something we can discuss to make sure you get the treatment you need.

I send a text reminder a day or two before the appointment as a reminder, and ask you to confirm your appointment.  If you need to cancel or rearrange then please do so.  If you are unable to attend for whatever reason then please let me know as soon as you are able. Please arrive at the agreed time as I don’t have a waiting room available.

1 hour appointments £50

45 minute £40

75 minute appointments are charged at £63

90 minute appointments are charged at £75