January Blues

There’s no getting away from it, January can be a tough time of year. How do we get through; it’s cold, there’s bugs around, maybe we’re feeling sad or achey. For some people it’s a good time to try new things or plan a holiday but for others it’s a time for being quiet and homey. One of my aims for the new year is to make more time for stretching, massage, knitting, films and walking in nature. All things that make me feel grounded and happy. I’m lucky that I know lots of well-being practitioners but this year I’m committed to making more time for the feel-good factor. I’ve been for a fantastic aromatherapy massage already this year and this week I’m going for some reflexology. It really helps me to check in with treatments; I like to feel the benefits as much as the next person and it helps me to feel relaxed and energised and able to give to my clients. I hope you can find ways of getting through the winter, already there are signs of Spring and in the meantime there’s always benefit to be had from treating yourself to something that makes you feel refreshed and cared for.