I’m now based in Abergavenny

Well, I’ve finally made it to Abergavenny! I absolutely love it here and although moving did prove quite stressful it has all been worth it.  I’ve had a lot of fun sorting out my new home treatment room and getting it client-ready.  It’s a dedicated room and is bigger than my Bristol one so I’m very happy.  Change can be challenging but luckily a friend has kindly lent me a copy of Transitions (making sense of life’s changes) by William Bridges which is helping me to make sense of the feelings of disorientation.  Plus I’m looking forward to a session of acupuncture tomorrow with the wonderful Lucy in Alma Road, Bristol which will help deal with blocked energy and emotions.  Please come and see me in my new treatment room.  I’m sorry not to be able to be on the doorstep for my Bristol clients but I am offering £10 off all 1 hour treatments before Christmas – and boy, is it the weather for hot stones right now. Hope to see you soon, love Kate