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To make it easier for you….

Just to let everyone know I’m now taking card payments, so that’s one little thing that makes life easier, especially when you’ve booked in for a relaxing massage or reflexology session.

Plus, as a reminder I’m still offering low cost reflexology foot massage for £20 for an hours session, please contact me for further details.

Happy bank holiday everyone!

Reflexology and Massage Therapy – a great combo

I’ve been so lucky with my choice of training provider, the Cotswold Academy.  With super knowledgeable and supportive tutors and great resources, I’ve really enjoyed adding to my skill set.  The feedback from clients has been very positive, with some clients new to reflexology and now committed fans. As a member of the Association of Reflexologists I’m joining a professional body who help and advise new members on how to give the best possible treatments.  Reflexology works on the basis that the body is divided into zones representing all the systems on the body and by working on reflex points within those zones the body is able to function better.  Plus it’s super-relaxing to have some TLC on your feet!


I’m now based in Abergavenny

Well, I’ve finally made it to Abergavenny! I absolutely love it here and although moving did prove quite stressful it has all been worth it.  I’ve had a lot of fun sorting out my new home treatment room and getting it client-ready.  It’s a dedicated room and is bigger than my Bristol one so I’m very happy.  Change can be challenging but luckily a friend has kindly lent me a copy of Transitions (making sense of life’s changes) by William Bridges which is helping me to make sense of the feelings of disorientation.  Plus I’m looking forward to a session of acupuncture tomorrow with the wonderful Lucy in Alma Road, Bristol which will help deal with blocked energy and emotions.  Please come and see me in my new treatment room.  I’m sorry not to be able to be on the doorstep for my Bristol clients but I am offering £10 off all 1 hour treatments before Christmas – and boy, is it the weather for hot stones right now. Hope to see you soon, love Kate

Who do I work with?

I am very lucky in my massage practice to work with some very diverse people and issues. Some people come because they feel stressed and want help to relax. Others are managing conditions such as chronic back pain, IBS, migraine or are experiencing hormonal changes due to the menopause. Sometimes my massage treatment will stand alone but more often than not massage therapy is part of a multi-disciplinary approach to health and well being. I am always happy to work with clients to suggest things that they can do between appointments to help feel better in their body and mind.

One of my current clients is non-verbal and autistic and comes with a carer for a weekly appointment. I have put together a massage therapy session in conjunction with the care team and case worker and the positive feedback from the care team has been great; relaxation during the session, a sense of calm and wellbeing following the treatment, reduced tension during the week. It’s very rewarding for me as a therapist to work in this way and see such positive results.

To celebrate Spring

There are signs that Spring is coming; a few snowdrops here the odd daffodil there, the lengthening daylight hours.  I think we’re all longing for some fresh inspiration after the long, cold, winter days. I’ve been busy blending some new aromatherapy oils for use in the treatment room which I hope will give your senses and energy levels a boost.  I’m also offering Thai Foot massage at the bargain price of £25 through March and April or a free 25ml of aromatherapy oil as a treat to take away, with your usual treatment.  Plus a new heated underblanket for the massage couch is on it’s way in the next few weeks.  Bliss on the couch, what could be nice to set you up for the new season.

Thai Foot Massage

So happy to have completed my training for Thai Foot massage. I love this treatment, it manages to be deeply relaxing and energy balancing and leaves you feeling restored and ready for your next step, literally and figuratively! It’s great to be able to offer my clients something new and hearing their positive feedback is wonderful! I’m offering one hour treatments for £20 during March and April so please get in touch and try this wonderful treatment for yourself.

Hot stones massage

What beautiful weather we are now having, but there is a slight autumn chill coming in. Hot stones can really feel wonderful at this time of year and I love incorporating them into my massage sessions. Dont forget to let me know if you fancy hot stones as part or all of your massage session.

Remedial and Sports Massage

I am so delighted to say that in addition to being a holistic practitioner I am now fully qualified in remedial and sports massage to a level 5 standard. Many thanks to everyone who helped me by being a case study. I look forward to continuing my work with existing and new clients and sharing my skills with you.