Treatments and prices

I offer lots of different treatments to choose from, depending on how you’re feeling.  You might have been sitting awkwardly at your desk or doing lots of driving, or you may be feeling exhausted or recovering from an injury or a stressful period in your life.

I have worked successfully with a wide range of clients and issues, for example; autism, migraine, PMT, stress, forward-head posture and cancer recovery.  Massage has helped them to manage their symptoms and live life with less pain and stress.  I can help you match the massage treatment that suits your needs.  I work on the body but also enjoy working holistically with you to feel better in your body and mind.

Each session includes an initial consultation, to check in with what you need, and after care advice. This may include; advice on stretching, advice on relaxation and ‘getting in touch with your body’,  and how to make adaptations to help your posture and body well-being.



1 hour deep tissue remedial or sports massage £40

1 hour full body hot stones massage £40

1 hour full body aromatherapy massage £40

1 hour Thai and reflexology foot massage (includes lower leg and foot) £40

45 minute relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage, with aromatherapy oil £30