What can I expect from a treatment?

We start with a discussion about what’s happening in your body; the kind of symptoms you are experiencing and what might have caused or contributed to any pain or discomfort you are feeling.  This gives me a chance to find out a bit more about you and make some suggestions based on your ideas. A treatment plan for the session is always designed and agreed with you.

How long does a treatment take?

Generally clients book in for an hour slot, and I always recommend this for the first appointment.  However there are some shorter sessions which might be appropriate if you are in need of a pick me up between appointments.

What kinds of conditions can massage and reflexology help with?

Massage and reflexology can assist with all kinds of conditions; injury repair, postural discomfort, tired and aching muscles and stress related conditions like tension headaches and IBS. Massage and reflexology can switch on the para sympathetic nervous system which restores homeostasis within the body and allows the fight or flight stress response to turn off. For a lot of us, living with chronic stress or chronic pain has become the norm, massage can be a way of reminding us how good we can feel when we’re relaxed.

How can massage or reflexology help me?

  • massage can help by repairing damaged tissue, relaxing stiff and aching muscles, improving circulation, nervous function and joint mobility
  • hands on therapy can help with stress and allow for healing between the mind and body
  • therapy can support you emotionally by providing the comfort of non invasive touch
  • reflexology is relaxing and energising and uses reflex points to help the body work more efficiently

What should I wear for a postural assessment and the treatment?

Postural assessment usually involves a client dressed in their underwear or in shorts and a vest if that is more comfortable.
During the treatment clients may wish to undress to their briefs or wear shorts or light joggers. Female clients may also opt to take their bra off or wear a light vest with thin straps. For reflexology your socks will need to be removed and comfortable clothes worn.
I work with drapes so areas of the body I’m not working with will be covered. I have a heated underblanket on the couch so you can feel warm and comfortable.

When can I come for a treatment?

I offer daytime and weekend (generally Saturday morning) appointments. I can also negotiate appointments outside of these times.

Payment and cancellations

You can pay with card, cash or cheque.

I send a text reminder 24-48 hours before each appointment. If you do need to cancel your appointment please give me at least 12 hours notice. If there is less than 12 hours notice I would need to charge for the appointment, except in exceptional circumstances

Where are you based?

I have a home treatment room in Park Crescent, Abergavenny, NP7 5TL

How do I book an appointment?

Call me on 07815 051427 or email me

Do you treat men?

Yes I do treat men, by referral.