About Kate

Massage Training Institute

I am a qualified Holistic, Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist, registered with the Massage Training Institute.  I offer a range of massage treatments; including holistic, hot stones, aromatherapy and Thai/reflexology foot massage.  I offer a safe and professional massage therapy service for women to help them feel more comfortable and at ease in their bodies whilst addressing longer standing issues and allowing space for the body and mind to wind down.

I have set up Good Living Massage because for me, massage is a way of living better with our bodies and enjoying life more. Life can be pretty stressful and our bodies are subject to wear and tear brought about by injury or postural imbalances or something as simple as spending too much time at a desk. Massage can help address the issues on a tissue, neurological and psychological level, which allows us to feel better in our ourselves and more aware of what’s happening and how we might address our posture and lifestyles to avoid further problems.

I was drawn to massage after many years working in offices, sitting for long hours at a desk. I experienced for myself how great hands-on therapy could feel and the benefits it can bring to chronically stressed muscles. I felt so strongly about the benefits of massage that I retrained, primarily so I could help others to introduce massage into their lives.

I am committed to developing my existing skills and attend a group monthly supervision session at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, run by my former course leader, Adam Carter, Osteopath.

What people say…

A deeply relaxing and beneficial massage at the hands of a skilled therapist, a wonderful hour of ‘me’ time.- Helen, Nurse Practitioner